Jared A. Brock is an award-winning author and director of several films including PBS's Redeeming Uncle Tom with Danny Glover. He is the editor of Surviving Tomorrow, and his writing has appeared in The Guardian, Esquire, Smithsonian, USA Today, Huffington Post, Relevant, Christianity Today, and TIME. He has traveled to more than forty countries including North Korea, Transnistria, and the Vatican. He does not own a cell phone.


Jared's acclaimed documentaries have been screened in more than 500 cities and broadcasted on TV in fourteen countries.Redeeming Uncle Tom: A PBS documentary about the slave who inspired Uncle Tom’s Cabin.Red Light Green Light: An international documentary about human trafficking.Over 18: A must-watch documentary for parents about teenage pornography addiction.


Jared's award-winning books have been read by tens of thousands of readers and have received more than 750 five-star reviews.A God Named Josh: A forthcoming biography on the historical life of Jesus of Nazareth, including his brutal assassination masterminded by a power-hungry crime family.The Road to Dawn: A ground-breaking biography on the fugitive slave who inspired Uncle Tom’s Cabin and helped spark the Civil War. Endorsed by several heads of state.Bearded Gospel Men: A humorous 31-day devotional for dudes. Yes, there are memes.In Praise of Baldness: A monograph on the philosophy, history, and future of hair loss.A Year of Living Prayerfully: A comedic 37,000-mile round-the-world travelogue that introduces readers to a world of strange and profound prayer traditions.

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